project based learning

i am most comfortable with project based learning, and if i could go back in time and ensure that something changed with the way i was taught as a child, it would include a lot more project based learning and a lot less traditional mass-market teaching techniques.

wikipedia defines project based learning as:

a constructivist pedagogy that intends to bring about deep learning by allowing learners to use an inquiry based approach to engage with issues and questions that are rich, real and relevant to their lives.

there is a really great topical interview in the new issue of edutopia with renowned psychologist george lucas and author daniel goleman, and it dives right into emotional intelligence as it relates to learning:

The human connection is more vital even as kids are learning to use their computers.

Yes, and that’s also where emotional intelligence comes in, because, if you’re working in groups, you really do have to learn the process of argument, the process of presenting facts, of proving your point of view, not just sort of demanding it, or hitting someone in the face, or taking it at face value. You have to learn to let go of your beliefs when they are proved to be erroneous, and not let your pride and other factors get in the way.

thanks to lisa for pointing out the interview in edutopia magazne.


One Response to “project based learning”

  1. While project based learning does add relevance, what’s probably the strongest part of this approach if done right is that it blends the various skills and knowledge together rather than in pieces and parts. Teaching subject by subject or topic by topic is easy on teachers and hard on students. In a multi-tasking world, knowing how to do several thing at once an integrated manner is the key. Project based learning can help.

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