world of commodore 2007

the toronto pet users group is once again putting on the world of commodore, a one day conference and vendor fair for everything commodore. this year’s conference will mostly focus on the 64/128, taking place near sherway gardens and browns line in toronto on sat dec 1 starting at 10:00am.

demonstrations will include:

  • Brian Lyons: The VIC20 Megacart Project
  • Leif Bloomquist: Internet technology applied to the Commodore 64
  • James Long:MIDI Interfaces and modern cross-development for the Commodore 64
  • Glenn Holmer: A technical overview of Commodore copy protection

and guest speakers will include:

  • Karl Hildon: Former editor of Transactor Magazine and publisher of the Inner Space Anthology
  • Georg Feil: Author of Synth and Snyth Sample
  • Syd Bolton: Curator of the PC Museum

there will also be a special tribute to jim butterfield, one of the key figures in commodore, who died in the summer. i wish i had gone last year when he spoke at the conference.

and so, this vic20 girl will be looking for a joystick at the vendor table, and might even bring a few games in for trade.

long live commodore.


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