15 steps to cultivate lifelong learning

nkilkenny pointed to an article that lifehack.org wrote earlier this year on the 15 steps to cultivate lifelong learning.

this article got her thinking of an amazing list of lifelong learner characteristics:

  • Are insatiable knowledge seekers – they continually seek learning experiences or opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills
  • Are social learners – Lifelong learners learn both from and with others. The will take classes or look for social groups. They usually seek out acquaintances who are better or more knowledgeable in fields than they are
  • Don’t simply just take in information – they analyze, synthesize and or apply what they’ve learned
  • Are teachers themselves – lifelong learners usually openly share what they know because they understand that having open networks actually gives them more access to the information from others.
  • Never think of themselves as the ultimate expert in anything

while the article that prompted this list isn’t new, it certainly is a valuable one and includes gem ideas such as:

  • keep a “to-learn” list
    • imagine a fluid list of things you can constantly cross off and add to that represents your learning. much better than a to-do list.
  • clean your input
    • determine which of your resources you really don’t need anymore, and delete them. keep only what you really read and use and focus on what is important to you.
  • teach others
    • many people can learn by teaching and sharing with others. it’s a great way to thoroughly think through your own learning to be sure you understand it.
  • find jobs that encourage learning
    • we spend so much of our time at work that we should enjoy what we do – or at least reap some benefits that will be long lasting. don’t limit yourself to a position that doesn’t allow for intellectual advancement.

give the whole article a read and let me know what steps you think you can take to foster your own lifelong learning.


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