today’s reading

today’s reading included:

– a thorough look at the characteristics of at-risk online learners: reducing barriers to success, where joann funk defines as risk by five categories – family life, health/nutrition, community conditions, social status, and school influence – and offers suggestions to administrators to help with retention.

challenges and strategies for sustaining e-learning in small organisations by john leary from university of maryland who combats the four major challenges faces by small organisations (challenges with managers, lack of infrastructure, justifying e-learning, and understanding training needs) with the three ingredients for success (combine e-learning and learning culture with the strategic goals and activities of the organisation, encourage a web savvy staff, and hire, maintain, or train a good training professional).

this is a key document that is incredibly valuable for an organisation of any size, though he defines a small organisations as one with an operating budeget of $400,000usd.

– a fun article to round out the day: using game shows as an instructional tool to illustrate going beyond the lecture with something fun and functional, and by no means restricted to basic information or lighter concepts.


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