educational games for adults

there is a new wave of educational games being developed now, many of them integrating social media into its platform. and while i admit i am riding a small offshoot of that wave to create something proprietary for use by my relatively small company, i wonder how quickly the adult education industry is going to tire of these games.

recently an entry on slashdot lead me to an educational game called arden, the world of shakespeare, which was developed from a grant of $250,000 only for it to be released to the public because the designers couldn’t make it work the way they wanted to. the us army recently opened a project office specifically for online gaming (albeit to supplement warfare training), and even microsoft and mit have teamed up for a shakespeare-related game.

and while there are some great resources out there that tap in to a folksonomic approach to help teach others to create these games, i’m still waiting to see the general impact on adult education. is the adult population ready to learn through gaming? how much edugaming is too much? will it successfully weave its way in to blended learning? as much as an optimist as i am for technology and strides in adult education, i’m betting that this combination will be a short run. an expensive run, but a short one.

i’d like to be proven wrong (and trust me – i don’t say that very often!), but i’m still willing to get out my surf board for a few tries at it while the water is warm.


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