learnhub is learning 2.0

learnhub is a place where people teach and learn online, and boy is it gorgeous! (aesthetically and architecturally)

from savvica.com, an education technology company, comes the next wave of e-learning and information sharing for the education sector.

i agree with derek baird who said that learnhub is like a mashup between ning, livejournal, and linkedin, or perhaps it could be described as the best parts of goodpractice.net crossed with the ease and collaboration of wikis, all within a social structure.

in it one could create communities, upload lessons, tests, and courses, and even rate what others upload. this collaborative approach to learning could help learners and teachers worldwide to open up content for first hand or supplimentary education.

it certainly is fun to poke around in learnhub right now, and when i get a few more consecutive moments i plan to post some lessons and tests to fully test out all that the site has to offer.

learnhub is currently in a closed beta. sign up for an access code and contribute to a great service from the ground floor. i’m ruyoung there too, so pop by and say hello.


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