wiziq announces live class module for moodle

earlier this week wiziq announced their live class module for moodle, which will have a profound impact on distance learning.

wiziq is virtual classroom technology which can be used by both edcuators and students, and contains a content library, test section, teacher profiles, and free public sessions by experts.


in a press release issused by authorgen technologies on the announcemnt of the new partnership, the noted common benefits of wiziq and moodel are:

  • wiziq and moodle platforms are both free-to-use and user-friendly
  • both are fully compatible with windows, mac os, and linux
  • both work well with multiple browsers as internet explorer, netscape, firefox, mozilla, opera, and safari
  • both programs are web-based with no installations required from teachers and students

and while virtual classrooms are not new, they have not always been free. this is really going to impact web conferencing systems that have enjoyed their share of the market to date, since both moodle and wiziq are free. harman singh, the ceo of authorgen technologies who has ushered in this partnership announcement said, “easy-to-use tools for teachers with no learning curve, installation and download free and yet effective, makes wiziq a unique e-learning platform.”

cost plus availability can be a hinderance for learning from afar. it is technology opportunities like this that can really make a difference for students and teachers of distance learning.


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