creating a training dojo

some companies are blessed with the ability to create a new training department, a place to foster professional development, create career paths, and understand one’s job.

bryant neilson’s blog on training lists some great steps to creating a training dojo, starting with the most important step, one which i can’t be more heartily in agreement with:

Create a culture of development. Many organizations lack a culture that will allow training and development to grow. You must show the organization the benefits of training, from functional knowledge to career development. Explain that a training organization can lead to increased efficiency, lower turnover, higher retention, and a culture that allows learning to happen everywhere – not just in a classroom.

and followed by some other very impoartant steps:

the full list of steps is great guidance to setting up a training department and getting it off on the right start.

and if i may add one more step to the list that goes hand in hand with the first step:

create a culture of entraining. make sure any training offered is done so in an effective and long-lasting way, to foster what is learned in training sessions, and to ensure that it isn’t lost once the employee goes back to their job. that may require new language throughout the organisation, new policies, new arrangements – whatever is needed to ensure training efforts aren’t lost.


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