edtech weekly

i had heard about edtech weekly for a while now, but was finally able to check it out tonight.

edtech weekly episode 64 was a great casual yet informative live webcast of 4folks from various places in usa and canada. it was a quick 45mins of sharing links and brief stories of news, tools, and tips related to education. the audience can listen in using a live stream on common media players or streal live from their website, and are free to join in the conversation using a chat feature.

two gems in the list of links shared tonight are:

flypaper – bridges the gap between powerpoint and flash

myicourse – software and hosting to post your own educational materials (like moodle, for example)

from this one episode and past shows listed on their website it really does seem to be focussed on k-12 or a bit of college, but not much for adult learning which is my focus, so i’ll not likely be a regular listener, but i know i’ll check back in a few times because it is a valuable source of information.

the webcast is always on sun evening, but today was at a different time than normal. usually the webcast starts at 7:00pm est. see their calendar for more information.


2 Responses to “edtech weekly”

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  2. Thanks for the MyiCourse mention and link. MyiCourse is really suited for many forms of the adult learning environment.

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