reduce reuse recycle for training

bryant nielson made a great post this week on the 5 disruptive training technologies which is actually a list of questions to consider when preparing to integrate technology into training activities.

in the list is one profound and important point: reusability.

Fourth, ask yourself if the technological intervention is reusable. If you take the time to integrate a CBT into a classroom course, participants should be able to reuse the technology as a job aid in the field. This way, they feel pressure to remember where to get information instead of feeling pressure to remember every piece of information taught in a course.

this reduces the amount of information the learners need to absorb (because, let’s face it – when learning large amounts of information, some of it automatically goes by the wayside) by enabling them to reuse the information later. and by continuously recylcying through job aids, that reinforces what they are learning and applies it to real life.


3 Responses to “reduce reuse recycle for training”

  1. Here’s a test for technology that we find very useful.

    Does it reduce time to proficiency?

    This is something you can measure fairly easily. If there is no effect or it actually takes longer that it was a poor use of technology and should be replaced. However, if it does accelerate learning that it’s a winner.

  2. it certainly could improve proficiency, especially if the content is dense and would justify learning on their own instead of in a class setting, but the exercise/job aid to introduce the basic concepts is done with the group.

  3. Just assume for a second that proficiency would be identical, the one that gets there faster has a lot of value. If you set a high bar for proficiency than the old method should take a lot longer.

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