the crosshairs of jobs, technology, and learning 2.0

journalist chris riedel quotes chris dede, a professor in learning technologies at harvard’s graduate school of education, from his opening remarks at the fetc 2008 conference late last month:

In a world where learners are being shaped by the things they do outside of the classroom, he said, how do we prepare students for careers that do not exist yet and that will be driven by these very same methods of learning?

these opening remarks were just the beginning of his explanation of the evolution of education brought on by web 2.0 tools, and points to, among other things, changes in learner characteristics. “It is important, he shared, for people to be fluent in new technologies and literacies because more and more jobs are disappearing that require classical knowledge.” we are at the crosshairs of where jobs, technology, and learning 2.0 intersect.

the full article is a must read for those working with education technology and continuing education.


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