imagine1day – lowering the barriers to education

while my primary focus is adult education, once in a while something in other areas of education and learning catches my interest and i want to blog about it.

chip wilson, founder of lululemon athletica, a popular yoga clothing chain, and his wife have invested $10million from their ipo launch to start imagine1day.

imagine1day is a charitable organisation that helps to bring primary education to northern ethiopia. however, in a recent interview on the hour (warning: video autoplay), wilson explains that it isn’t just about building a school and supplying it with books and teachers. it’s about taking care of the community so that education is possible.

he explains that perhaps one family could have a father dying of aids, a mother who has to go out to work extra to support the family, but they live 20miles from where the school is built, so they need to take care of the community and the families, in addition to developing ways to incorporate a sewage system, a fresh water system, etc.

i think imagine1day is really making charitable work more accessible by the way they break down what they need, total quantity, and remaining quantity needed. donations start at as little as $10. other options are very affordable. some examples:

teacher training
– practical training for 4 teachers on active learning, student centre approach, monitoring and evaluation, as well as continuous assessment
– needed 4
– remaining 3
– $57.47 per person

formation and traing of school pta’s
– workshop to establish and provide training for the parent teacher association
– needed 5
– remaining 4
– $114.95 per person

community education on health care
– 20 community educators will receive 20 days of basic health care education, including disease prevention (malaria and hiv/aids)
– needed 20
– remaining 16
– $45.98 per person

i’m going to keep an eye on this charity and work that into a fundraisng opportunity soon. it is great to see a canadian success story making a difference in the world in an unrelated industry.


3 Responses to “imagine1day – lowering the barriers to education”

  1. A nice write-up. It does seem to be such a positive organization, doesn’t it?


  2. I liked your article and added a link to it on the Active Learning Blog Carnival available after April 11 at

  3. this is an inspiring story. my tutor service uses a sliding scale with students as a way to contribute to bringing down the barriers to education. i will keep this charity in mind for when my business becomes more self-sufficient; or when i am in a position to travel overseas an dvolunteer my services.

    would you like to guest post sometime at ? i think your blog has a lot to give other adult students.

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