learn canada 2020

last week the council of ministers of education, canada (cmec) released the vision of learn canada 2020, a joint declaration from provincial and territorial ministers of education to address educational needs and aspirations of canadians.

Learn Canada 2020 is the framework the provincial and territorial ministers of education, through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, will use to enhance Canada’s education systems, learning opportunities, and overall education outcomes. The vision of Learn Canada 2020 is Quality Lifelong Learning Opportunities for All Canadians.

Learn Canada 2020 recognizes the direct link between a well-educated population and (1) a vibrant knowledge-based economy in the 21st Century, (2) a socially progressive, sustainable society, and (3) enhanced personal growth opportunities for all Canadians.

it encompasses the four pillars of lifelong learning (early childhood learning and development, elementary to high school systems, post-secondary education, and adult learning and skill development) and identifies specific activity areas and accompanying objectives:

  • Literacy: Raise the literacy levels of Canadians.
  • Aboriginal Education: Eliminate the gap in academic achievement and graduation rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.
  • Postsecondary Capacity: Enhance and stabilize the long-term capacity of postsecondary systems to meet the training and learning needs of all Canadians seeking higher education learning opportunities.
  • Education for Sustainable Development: Raise students’ awareness and encourage them to become actively engaged in working for a sustainable society.
  • International and National Representation: Speak effectively and consistently for education and learning in Canada in both pan-Canadian and international settings.
  • Official Languages: Promote and implement support programs for minority-language education and second-language programs that are among the most comprehensive in the world.
  • Learning Assessment Programs and Performance Indicators: Support the implementation of national and international learning assessment programs and performance indicators for education systems.
  • Education Data and Research Strategy: Create comprehensive, long-term strategies to collect, analyze, and disseminate nationally and internationally comparable data and research.

[ the full declaration ]

“We are committed, each in our own jurisdiction and collectively through CMEC, to ensuring that Canada leads the world in learning,” said Raymond Théberge, Director General of CMEC. “Learn Canada 2020 provides us with a shared vision that can be realized according to the unique needs and situation of each province and territory.”


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