$5 for bike parts turns into teacher training

got five bucks to spare? someone in tajikistan could use a bike part.

i thought i’d collect $5 from as many people as possible in the next 2wks to see how much money i could raise to lend to kiva.org , where you could help rashid choriev raise money to purchase spare parts for bicycles to sell in his local market.

i looked through all of the entrepreneur profiles to choose one i thought was appropriate. i didn’t want to choose anything that involved food, general retail, perfumes, or plastics. instead i found rashid’s profile, who is helping to promote sustainable transportation.

the loan will be repaid through the international microloan fund with a repayment term of 12mos, repaid monthly. and what will i do with your money when it gets repaid to me? the funds that are repaid will be funnelled over to imagine1day.org to pay for teacher training, a charity that i mentioned back in apr.

your donation of $5 helps two organisations. would you consider giving today? here’s how:

cheques, money order, or well concealed cash to:
Rachel Young
2238 Dundas St W
PO Box 59072
Toronto, ON
M6R 3B5

paypal donation to:

or catch me in person before aug 1.


One Response to “$5 for bike parts turns into teacher training”

  1. I am writing from the offices of imagine1day. Thank you for supporting our work. It would be great to connect with you. Can you email me? Please include as a subject line: $5 for bike parts – blog.

    I look forward to connecting.

    Sapna Dayal

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