ubiquity: an idyllic tool to customise learning

e-learning weekly made a great blog post about mozilla labs new alpha release of ubiquity, stating that it could be an ideal tool for learners to use the internet more intuitively, thus increasing the value of their learning experience.

ubiquity is a mashup tool that allows a user to customise a series of commands and actions to do common tasks more easily. even to just write this blog post i sourced different websites and embedded a video, but i had to go out to those other websites to get the info. but with ubiquity, i can enter in commands that make sense to me, and it will go out to search for those sources and bring them to me so that i can enter them into this blog post.

aza raskin demonstrates a few ways ubiquity can be used:

this is a brilliant way to manipulate the internet, and i heartily agree that the potential for on-demand learning in a fully comprehensive manner is just the type scenario we can benefit from a tool such as ubiquity. instructional design could take on a whole new look.

this is truly awesome.


One Response to “ubiquity: an idyllic tool to customise learning”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I’ve been experimenting with Ubiquity over the past week. I wrote a few simple commands so I could better understand how everything works. I wrote about it recently in my blog – and you can grab the code there, too:


    I like what I see so far – it was pretty easy…


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