grockit, the massive multi player online learning game

world of warcraft can move over! grockit is about to enter the ring.

the folks at the centre for learning and performance technologies alerted me to the massive multi player online learning game that is still in beta development, and quoted techcrunch50 who reported that it is “an online, interactive learning tool that brings students together to answer quizzes with each other. The startup has raised $10 million for what it’s calling a “Massively Multi Player Online Learning Game”, which takes its cue from World of Warcraft and applies that game’s concepts to SAT-like study groups. Grockit features a chat room where students can talk with one another as they deliberate over questions. They can also award each other points for their insight.”

[ video ]

blending learning 2.0 (with the emphasis on  collaboration) and edugaming can be a fun way to study and learn. small study groups can chat about questions presented, commend each other when comments are helpful, and reveal both correct and incorrect answers for a well-rounded learning experience.

adapting this to class groups for adult learning would work well too. i can see this working for any continuing education class i would take.

and the eventual mobile client component for this will be really, really sweet.

i’ll be really excited to try this.


3 Responses to “grockit, the massive multi player online learning game”

  1. Grockit looks like it has less to do with World of Warcraft, and more to do with a user-generated question bank, pretty like LearnHub’s GMAT Question Bank which has thousands of questions and a social learning interface.

  2. Thanks for the write up! As you might guess, we’re pretty excited about the attention we’ve received since showing Grockit at TC50, and we love seeing the unique reactions people have.

    It was hard to show a lot during our demo, but I we were able to at least hint strongly at directions we’re going.

    One of those directions that might not be fully obvious is that we’re very much obsessed with the possible outcomes that employing well thought out game mechanics produce. It’s not enough to simply throw together some questions and people into a chat room – there need to be deeper incentives involved and enough positive feedback to motivate a constant pursuit of learning.

    And of course we agree with your assessment of collaborative learning. We think that a group of four peers faced with the task of learning something entirely new is far more effective and fun than a group led by an “authority”.

    If you haven’t yet signed up for the beta, here’s the link to our signup form:

    We’d be happy to get you in so you can start trying it out (and undoubtedly begin providing great feedback).

  3. @michael – i signed up for a beta account yesterday (before posting this to my blog), so hopefully i’ll hear back from you soon for an account – and yeah, by all means i’d love to provide feedback.

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