the start to my sat mornings

ted, an acronym for technology, entertainment, and design, is an annual innovation conference that brings together people from those three schools of thoughts and happens in various locations. these thinkers and doers speak on what they are pasionate about under the moniker “ideas worth spreading”. these talks are available to the public for free.

i like to start my sat mornings by watching the talks on  i’ll watch most talks, just to get my learning juices flowing, and it is rare that i’ll pass over a topic or particular speaker.

what i like about ted talks is the diversity of topics and that within 15 or 20mins i have learned something new and can do something with a soundbite of newfound or knowledge or a reinforcement of knowledge past.

today i watched a talk about educating a new generation of african leaders and learned that doctors, engineers, and civil servents are our real leaders, another talk about redefining the dictionary and learned that loving a word makes it real, and a passionate talk about reinventing the school lunch, to learn that equipment and training are key.

i enjoy starting my sat mornings with these seminars and talks. it’s a great, positive start to my weekend.


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