bill gates, education diplomat


bill gates encouraged us president-elect barack obama to include educational reform in the strategy to get through the current economic crisis.

The risk now, Mr. Gates noted, was that government funding for education and oversees development will be hit amid the current economic turmoil. “In a crisis, there is always a risk that you take your eyes off the future — and you sacrifice long-term investments for near-term gains,” Mr. Gates said. “In my view, you have to seek both.”

he added that an economic stimulus package should also include assistance for states to avoid cuts in higher education.

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5 Responses to “bill gates, education diplomat”

  1. yery,Ysabel Says:

    hi im yery ysabel and im 15 years i would like to say well we need money in the economy to keep it going why cant bill gates give that money to the untied states?

  2. Yery. Do you not realize that he gives alot, and generously? He gives to scientific reasearch but still people ask him for more. He worked his as$ off for that money. But still people pester him so they can get their greedy hands on more. Do some research, and you’ll find out what he gives. He used to give out $3,000 Dollars a month, to schools. A MONTH. He can’t throw all of his hard work savings down the drain. America screwed itself into this debt.

  3. I agree, Bill gates DOES give SO much to alot of people , people should chill

  4. i agree with u ppl he does give a lot and america did do this to them selfs and we do need a little more help but not from bill gates alone

  5. Bill gate is saying the right thing

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