training and development in lean economic times

the canadian management centre announced today that they will be hosting a free webcast to address training in these lean economic times.

Training and Development in a Recession: what smart organizations do to survive in challenging times
Jan 28, 2009
12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

ken blanchard, scott blanchard, jim kirkpatrick, and edward t reilly will be poised to have a sincere conversation and q+a session to discuss the issues on every trainer’s mind.

What you’ll learn:

Join us for this energizing discussion which will focus on prescriptive wisdom and proactive actions, including:

  • Results of AMA and Ken Blanchard Company research on the effects of downsizing and the impact of training upon organization performance
  • “non-negotiable” skills/competencies that are critical to organization survival
  • Key insights into successfully managing through difficult change
  • Justifications for increased spending on training in lean times
  • And much more

this webcast is complimentary but registration are required. more info on the event listing.


One Response to “training and development in lean economic times”

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