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2008 bloggers choice awards

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i’ve been nominated for the 2008 bloggers choice awards in the education category.

if you’d like to vote for my blog as well, click on this badge:

My site was nominated for Best Education Blog!

what an honour – thank you veganbilly!



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remember those books with the paper pages in them that you used to read when you were a kid? before the internets came along? :-P

booksmart by blurb lets you create your own book. much like lulu and cafepress does for novels and text-heavy books, booksmart can do the same for cookbooks and photography books. (though they can also do text)

a simple (and free) download of booksmart allows users to choose templates for the type of book they want, place photos, blogs, stories, recipes, etc, and then buy the book at cost and even have the book for sale on their website.

book size options are standard landscape, standard portrait,and square in either softcover or hardcover, and the large format landscape in hardcover only.

booksmart claims to be bookstore quality and use heavyweight, archival paper stock. prices for softcover start at $12.95 and hardcovers for $22.95 which are very affordable, and can be from 20 to 440 pages.

this is pretty neat. i just might make a cookbook after all, and perhaps even an annual collection of my blog.