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$5 for bike parts turns into teacher training

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on July 18, 2008 by ruyoung

got five bucks to spare? someone in tajikistan could use a bike part.

i thought i’d collect $5 from as many people as possible in the next 2wks to see how much money i could raise to lend to , where you could help rashid choriev raise money to purchase spare parts for bicycles to sell in his local market.

i looked through all of the entrepreneur profiles to choose one i thought was appropriate. i didn’t want to choose anything that involved food, general retail, perfumes, or plastics. instead i found rashid’s profile, who is helping to promote sustainable transportation.

the loan will be repaid through the international microloan fund with a repayment term of 12mos, repaid monthly. and what will i do with your money when it gets repaid to me? the funds that are repaid will be funnelled over to to pay for teacher training, a charity that i mentioned back in apr.

your donation of $5 helps two organisations. would you consider giving today? here’s how:

cheques, money order, or well concealed cash to:
Rachel Young
2238 Dundas St W
PO Box 59072
Toronto, ON
M6R 3B5

paypal donation to:

or catch me in person before aug 1.


spring cleaning – unearth that canadian tire money

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on March 24, 2008 by ruyoung

not education or learning related, but beneficial nonetheless:

cantire money

canadian tire money, for those who aren’t canadian residents or canuck expats, is a collection of coupons resembling printed money as part of a loyalty program by a national general merchandise retail chain. many canadians occasionally shop at canadian tire, recieve the coupons at the checkout, and stuff the cantire money into a kitchen drawer.

we often unearth this money when we do spring cleaning, so i thought we could put this money to good use! consider sending me your cantire money so that we can make one collaborative donation to fife house.

for more information, please visit the pumpkin patch productions website and click on events.