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2008 bloggers choice awards

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i’ve been nominated for the 2008 bloggers choice awards in the education category.

if you’d like to vote for my blog as well, click on this badge:

My site was nominated for Best Education Blog!

what an honour – thank you veganbilly!


corporate sponsored learning

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while my focus is adult learning, an article in the palm springs desert sun announced funding for a coachella valley high school for a project-based learning curriculum. the funding wasn’t from the government as would usually be the case for a public school, but rather it was from ford motor company.

the ford partnership for advanced studies contributed approximately $150,000 in cash and resources to anagle students to work on projects that are more closely related to the world of work, such as designing a new product or examining financial constraints.

The assignments “really entice their (the students’) imagination,” said Veronica Moreno-Nicholas, a Cathedral City High teacher who uses the curriculum. “They take ownership of that project.”

an additional $50,000 has been donated to create a resource hub in partnership with the coachella valley economic partnership which will include options for train the trainer sessions.

is corporate-sponsored learning valuable for students? does real and tangible data help in the execution of the curriculum? i’d be interested to see the results of the projects these students work on and what metrics are employed to evaluate their effectiveness.

education upheaval – is there a right way to prepare adult learners?

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i’m all for education upheaval, provided it is methodical, well thought out, and reasonable. upheaval for the sake of upheaval is wasted effort, but upheaval for the sake of valuable, forward-thinking change is not only encouraged, but essential.

last week mark at learning conversations put together a list of questions to ask before a new education system can be created from scratch. some questions with the most impact are:

What does society need from an education system?
What is the role of society?
What does the individual need from an education system?
How can we support learners’ progress towards their (our?) goals?
When will people learn?
When will people support learning?
How will we know the support is effective?
How will we know the resources we provide are effective?

this list could easily translate to adult education, specifically for retention and implementation. how will adults learn? how can we as corporate educators or as life-long instructors support learners’ progress towards goals that mesh with their industry, their organisation, their values, and their personal lives? what does an organisation or school or community need from an adult education system? and how will we know what resources are invested in adult education are effective and provide roi for both the learner and the organisation that initiated the learning?

and i cannot make this post without referencing the post mark made just before that, on lessons learned in professional learning, wherein he describes his initial thoughts on how important it is to set expectations and generate motivation.