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7 habits of highly innovative people

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innovators and lifelong learners are very similar in nature, and refining habits of each use the same methods. an article on the think simple now blog is a rich summarized list of seven habits found in highly innovative and creative people. many of the same principles are found in my last entry about lifelong learners.

the part of the 7 habits of highly innovative people article that really stood out for me:

I’m sure we can all relate to moments when we felt stuck trying to tap into our own creativity. Did you know that this block is merely your mind at work? Your mind is creating all sorts of assumptions, self-imposed constraints and self-limiting inhibitions. I have found that we can remove these assumptions just by being in the moment; start doing, and stop thinking.

give the article a read and start some good, healthy habits.


creativity is a virtually limitless resource that defies social status

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richard florida, one of the most influential people of modern day, and one of toronto’s newest citizens, writes a column for the globe and mail.

this past weekend his article was framed around a local hairstylist that gave up his job as a factory worker to do what he enjoys. it’s all about doing what you love.

The most overlooked — but most important — element of my theory and of the creative economy itself is that every human being is creative.

One of the great fallacies of modern times is the idea that creativity is limited to a small group. Most people, the belief goes, don’t want to be creative, couldn’t do it if asked and would be uncomfortable in an environment where creativity was expected of them.

This is false. Creativity is a virtually limitless resource that defies social status.

[ full inspiring article here ]