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upcoming industry conferences and events 2009-2010

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Bridging the Gap: Serious Games to Game-Based Learning
Feb 19, 2009
Toronto, ON, Canada

Campus Crisis Simulation: Improving Campus-Wide Response to an Emergency
Feb 25-27, 2009
Irvine, CA, USA

Hybrid Learning: Instructional and Institutional Implementation
Feb 27,2009

Faculty Development in Blended/Online Learning
Mar 2-4,2009
Denver, CO, USA

Financial Information for Continuing Education Decision-Making
Mar 9, 2009

E-learning and language…the spirit of the age
Mar 14-15, 2009
Cairo, Egypt

Game Based Learning
Mar 19-20, 2009
London, London, United Kingdom

Globally Competitive Education – the need for enlightened leadership and system
Apr 2-4, 2009
Jabalpur, India

Language Education Today: between Theory and practice
May 8-9, 2009
Timisoara, Romania

Community Engagement and Service: The Third Mission of Universities
May 18-20, 2009
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Creative Skills Training Council Internationale 2009
May 26-29, 2009
Melacca, Malaysia

Educating Youth for Citizenship: East and West
Jun 1-3, 2009
Beijing, China

European College Teaching & Learning Conference
Jun 8-11, 2009
Prague, Czech Republic

EEEL 2009 – International Conference on e-Education and e-Learning
Jun 24, 2009
Paris, France

EDULEARN09 (International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies)
Jul 6-8, 2009
Barcelona, Spain

EC-TEL 09- Fourth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning
Sep 29-Oct 2, 2009
Cannes, France

Global Education Network (GEN) Conference
Oct 8-10,2009
San Diego, CA, USA

Edge 2009: Inspiration and Innovation in Teacher education
Oct 14-16, 2009
St. John’s, NF, Canada

mLearn 2009 – 8th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning
Oct 26-30, 2009
Orlando, FL, USA

2nd Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society
Jul 21-24, 2010
Paris, France


grockit, the massive multi player online learning game

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world of warcraft can move over! grockit is about to enter the ring.

the folks at the centre for learning and performance technologies alerted me to the massive multi player online learning game that is still in beta development, and quoted techcrunch50 who reported that it is “an online, interactive learning tool that brings students together to answer quizzes with each other. The startup has raised $10 million for what it’s calling a “Massively Multi Player Online Learning Game”, which takes its cue from World of Warcraft and applies that game’s concepts to SAT-like study groups. Grockit features a chat room where students can talk with one another as they deliberate over questions. They can also award each other points for their insight.”

[ video ]

blending learning 2.0 (with the emphasis on  collaboration) and edugaming can be a fun way to study and learn. small study groups can chat about questions presented, commend each other when comments are helpful, and reveal both correct and incorrect answers for a well-rounded learning experience.

adapting this to class groups for adult learning would work well too. i can see this working for any continuing education class i would take.

and the eventual mobile client component for this will be really, really sweet.

i’ll be really excited to try this.

education panels at sxsw interactive

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sxsw is a highly recommended convergence of interactive, film, and music festivals and conferences that run independently but concurrently in austin, tx.

sxsw interactive is 5days of panels, discussions, parties, and networking to gather together brilliant minds and emerging technology.

Whether you are a hard-core geek, a dedicated content creator, a new media entrepreneur, or just someone who likes being around an extremely creative community, SXSW Interactive is for you!

since they have received so many panel submissions but space and time is limited, they have established a panel picker to let the public assist the decison makers in choosing the panels at the 2009 sxsw interactive.

and look!  there are plenty of education related panels to vote for. some are:

general education:


knowledge sharing:

find more with tags such as education or explore the full list. register and vote now and reinforce the notion to the interactive industries that education and technology are destined to be long term bedfellows.

nasa wants to play

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nasa’s learning technologies project office is soliciting for information to create an online world where one could play, tinker, discover, and experiment, all with scientific accuracy.

the rfi states:

“Virtual worlds with scientifically accurate simulations could permit learners to tinker with chemical reactions in living cells, practice operating and repairing expensive equipment, and experience microgravity,”

meanwhile, they could use this for their own research, recruitment, and education base, all while opening it up to online citizens to play and learn.

the purpose of the rfi itself is to solicit for information from potential vendors that could potentially form a partnership with nasa. it lists that official rfp date as mar 2008.

nasa already has a lab and space station on second life, showing once again the value of simulations in education:

educational games for adults

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there is a new wave of educational games being developed now, many of them integrating social media into its platform. and while i admit i am riding a small offshoot of that wave to create something proprietary for use by my relatively small company, i wonder how quickly the adult education industry is going to tire of these games.

recently an entry on slashdot lead me to an educational game called arden, the world of shakespeare, which was developed from a grant of $250,000 only for it to be released to the public because the designers couldn’t make it work the way they wanted to. the us army recently opened a project office specifically for online gaming (albeit to supplement warfare training), and even microsoft and mit have teamed up for a shakespeare-related game.

and while there are some great resources out there that tap in to a folksonomic approach to help teach others to create these games, i’m still waiting to see the general impact on adult education. is the adult population ready to learn through gaming? how much edugaming is too much? will it successfully weave its way in to blended learning? as much as an optimist as i am for technology and strides in adult education, i’m betting that this combination will be a short run. an expensive run, but a short one.

i’d like to be proven wrong (and trust me – i don’t say that very often!), but i’m still willing to get out my surf board for a few tries at it while the water is warm.