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making face time while learning

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though this advert is for the nokia nseries, the message is well appreciated.

it talks about how we’ve used various screens overtime to watch, entertain, learn, and play, and what that meant to us as social beings.

the power of mobile technology has allowed us to go back out into the world, and the power of mobile learning expands the classroom beyond brick walls to learn where we want to or need to.

for the better part of 3mos a local university has been on strike. the school year could be in jeopardy, and even if the school year is extended to allow the students to finish their studies appropriately, the summer jobs that these studens rely on could go by the wayside.

let me be clear that this post does not take any side of the issue other than the potential of education that the students are missing out on. this is not the place to debate who is right or wrong or what strike issues are most important. i hope the strike ends soon and learning resumes.

but what if it were a different scenario? what if there was an emergency at the school that shut it down for those same 3mos? or kept the instructors physically away for those 3mos for other positive reasons? what if mobile learning was in place so that the students could learn wherever they were and have it be accepted as part of their studies and credits, even if it was a brief interruption into the way things were supposed to be? i’m not talking about full e-learning courses, which are wonderful in their right, but rather the ability to switch from in-person analog learning seemlessly to streaming digital learning so that it would not only continue the learning process despite what is happening (or not happening) in the physical institution, but would exercise a lesson in preparedness for both students and faculty. students could still gather wherever they wanted (home, cafe, library, park) to learn from eachother while learning from an instructor. the learning stream becomes uninterrupted, the way i think it should be.

that’s the power of mobile learning.


upcoming industry conferences

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e-learning africa
may 28-30
accra, ghana

managing e-learning
may 29-30
melbourne, australia

embracing innovative e-learning technologies
jun 2-4
sydney, australia

ed-media 2008 – world conference on educational multimedia, hypermedia, and telecommunications
jun 3-4
vienna, austria

4th annual e-learning for financial institutions
jun 5-6
rome, italy

cite research symposium 2008 – empowering communities and transforming learning
jun 5-7
hong kong

international conference on educational research and practice
jun 10-11
putrajaya, malaysia

the 2nd conference and exhibition of training managers
jun 10-11
tehran, iran

canadian e-learning conference
jun 17-20
calgary, canada

conference on european education
jun 21-29
riva san vitale, switzerland

celebrating innovative ict in education practices: from idea to impact
jun 24-26
bangkok, thailand

world education forum sa international conference
jun 26-28
adelaide, australia

into seminar on teaching and learning
jun 28
nilai, malaysia

ict and learning for net generation
jul 7-10
kuala lumpur, malaysia

e-learning asia 2008
sep 10-11
seoul, korea

international conference of education, research, and innovation
nov 17-19
madrid, spain

learning technologies 2008
nov 5-7
mooloolaba, australia

e-learn 2008 – world conference on e-learning in corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education
nov 17-21
las vegas, usa