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upcoming industry conferences (2009)

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eek! i haven’t been blogging for a month due to the holidays, personal injury, family emergency, and job hunting, and then just as i was compiling this blog post, we were among the 100,000 people in toronto that lost power and heat thu night. now with power, here’s a list of upcoming industry conferences, including some great online events in the next few weeks:

google search for your school
jan 21, 2009

educon 2.1
jan 23-25, 2009
philadelphia, pa, usa (virtual attendance available)

2nd annual forum on e-learning excellence in the middle east
jan 26-29, 2009
dubai, united arab emirates

adult students: meeting market demands both online and in the classroom
jan 27, 2009

college & university performance conference 2009
jan 28-30, 2009
arlington, va, usa

designing a learner assisstance program for students with disabilities
jan 29, 2009

ten steps to building a successful retention and graduation program
feb 5, 2009

new learning technologies
feb 18-20, 2009
orlando, fl, usa

student symposium on african education: interrogating quality within the african context
feb 27, 2009
new york, ny, usa

mcgill 8th annual education graduate students’ society conference
mar 13-14, 2009
montreal, qc, canada

6th international conference on informatics, education technology and new media in education
mar 28-29, 2009
sombor, yugoslavia

elearning and software for education conference – else 2009
apr 9-10, 2009
bucharest, romania

teaching english in multilingual contexts: current challenges, future directions
apr 18-19, 2009
karachi, pakistan

theatre pedagogy: teaching the art form
apr 23-26, 2009
new york, ny, usa

engaged teachers, engaged learners
apr 29-may 2, 2009
edmonton, ab, canada

elearning africa 2009
may 27-29, 2009
dakar, senegal

solstice 2009 – it’s all in the blend? innovation, research and development: enhancing learning with technologies
jun 4, 2009
ormskirk, uk

8th international language & development conference
jun 23-25, 2009
dhaka, bangladesh

the 2009 international conference on e-learning, e-business, enterprise information systems, and e-government (eee’09)
jul 13-16, 2009
las vegas, nv, usa

the 2009 international conference on frontiers in education: computer science and computer engineering (fecs’09)
jul 13-16, 2009
las vegas, nv, usa

international conference on imagination and education
jul 15-18, 2009
vancouver, bc, canada

international conference on the role of universities in hands-on education
aug 24-29, 2009
chiang mai, thailand

knowledge, work and class
oct 22-24, 2009
detroit, mi, usa

the iasted international conference on global education ~ge 2009~
nov 2-4, 2009
cambridge, ma, usa

if anyone would like to guest blog from any of these events, please contact me.


upcoming industry conferences and events – part 2 of 2

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Canadian MoodleMoot
Apr1-4, 2009
Edmonton,  AB, Canada

2009 Oklahoma Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference
Apr 2 -3, 2009
Broken Arrow, OK, United States

EUROCLIO’s 16th Annual Professional Training and Development Conference
Apr 5-11, 2009
Nicosia, Cyprus

5-th eLSE 2009 – eLearning and Software for Education
Apr 9-10, 2009
Bucharest, Romania

Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Art Educators Conference
Apr 20-24, 2009
Dunedin, New Zealand

5th EduMedia Conference 2009 – Creativity and Innovation Competencies in the Web (e-creativity and e-innovation)
May 4-5, 2009
Salzburg, Austria

Tourism Educators Conference 2009
May 5-9, 2009
Vancouver, BC, Canada

LIHE 09 – 2nd International Symposium: Improving Students Learning Outcomes in Higher Education
May 31-Jun 4, 2009
Aghia Marina, Greece

3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference
Jun 1-3, 2009
Singapore, Singapore

2009 – 2nd Sloan-C International Symposium on Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning
Jun 17-19, 2009
San Francisco, CA, United States

E-Learning Baltics 2009 (eLBa 2009)
Jun 18-19, 2009
Rostock, Germany

Quality Education for All: Exploring Realities – Considering Options
Jun 23-25, 2009
Christ Church, Barbados

International Conference on ICTs in Education (ICICTE) 2009

Jul 9-11, 2009
Corfu, Greece

Learning Technologies Africa
Sep 21-23, 2009
Abuja, Nigeria

Thoery for Practive in the Education of Contemporary Society
Mar 25-27, 2010
Riga, Latvia

the start to my sat mornings

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ted, an acronym for technology, entertainment, and design, is an annual innovation conference that brings together people from those three schools of thoughts and happens in various locations. these thinkers and doers speak on what they are pasionate about under the moniker “ideas worth spreading”. these talks are available to the public for free.

i like to start my sat mornings by watching the talks on  i’ll watch most talks, just to get my learning juices flowing, and it is rare that i’ll pass over a topic or particular speaker.

what i like about ted talks is the diversity of topics and that within 15 or 20mins i have learned something new and can do something with a soundbite of newfound or knowledge or a reinforcement of knowledge past.

today i watched a talk about educating a new generation of african leaders and learned that doctors, engineers, and civil servents are our real leaders, another talk about redefining the dictionary and learned that loving a word makes it real, and a passionate talk about reinventing the school lunch, to learn that equipment and training are key.

i enjoy starting my sat mornings with these seminars and talks. it’s a great, positive start to my weekend.

upcoming industry conferences

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narrative and interactive learning environments
aug 5-8, 2008
edinburgh, uk

schools in a flat world
sep 10-13, 2008
helsinki, finland

innovations in learning
sep 24-26, 2008
san jose, usa

conference on re-thinking development studies in africa
nov 3-6, 2008
cape coast, ghana

uoc unesco chair in e-learning 5th international seminar: fighting against the digital divide through education
nov 12-14, 2008
barcelona, spain

iceri2008 international conference of education, research, and innovtion
nov 17-19, 2008
madrid, spain

national conference for academic disciplines
mar 23-26, 2009
las vegas, usa

canadian association for university continuing education 2009 annual conference
may 20-29, 2009
vancouver, canada

international conference on teaching and learning (ictl 2009)
nov 16-18, 2009
kuching, malaysia

international education and learning conferences – part 1 of 3

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i’ve been collecting conference information again. here is a list of some interational conferences involving education, learning, and innovation.
6th international conference on imagination and education – imaginative practice, imaginative inquiry
jan 29-31 2008
canberra, australia

ilearning forum paris 2008
feb 4-5, 2008
paris, france

second annual educational technology research symposium
feb 4-5, 2008
austin, tx, usa

leveraging new media for retention efforts in higher education

feb 6, 2008

e-learning and blended learning
feb 19, 2008
atlanta, ga, usa

2008 annual ncce educational technology conference
feb 26-29, 2008
seattle, wa, usa

international conference of educational technology
mar 3-5, 2008
muscat, oman

amazing e-learning II
mar 7-11, 2008
bangkok, thailand

moodlemoot scandinavia 2008
mar 9-11, 2008
leksand, dalecarlia, sweden

ideas festival
mar 13-18, 2008
brisbane, australia

web-based education
mar 17-19, 2008
innsbruck, austria

4th ieee international workshop on pervasive learning
mar 17-21, 2008
hong kong

college teaching and learning (tlc) conference
mar 17-20, 2008
san juan, puerto rico

proud of who we are, 115th annual training conference and expo
mar 25-28, 2008
minneapololis, mn, usa

simon says!

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as someone with rsi, which used to get severely irritated at certain peak times of the year, i know of the tremendous benefits of speech recognition software. thankfully simon, an open source speech recognition piece of software, is now released in alpha.

from the simon sourceforge forum:

The project provides a ready-to-use interface for the julius CSR engine for a handicapped child which is not able to use the keyboard well. It integrates into X11 and Windows.

while i still have yet to find something that is better than dragon naturally speaking, this does look like a really great start to an open source option. however, the cost of dragon could be prohibitive and when it comes to essential tools for learning (kids or adults), the flexibility of open source could be a phenomenal blessing.

and to take it a step further, imagine how great it could be to integrate speech recognition like simon, with interactive reaction technology such as easy with eve for optimising learning for people with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. now that’s innovation!

educon 2.0 is fast approaching

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oh, i would give nearly anything to attend educon 2.0 happening in philadelphia jan 25-27.

it looks like the phenomenal crosshairs of education, technology, and innovation, and i’m certain that some wonderful things will come of that conference.

are any of my faithful readers attending? if so, i’d love a full report and permission to post the highlights here. i’m particularly interested in these sessions:

  • new media literacies for the 21st century
  • harness visual learning for critical thinking, writing, presenting, and thinking
  • sense of place: effective learning environments
  • authentic learning
  • professional development using social software
  • professional development and just-in-time learning