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2008 bloggers choice awards

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i’ve been nominated for the 2008 bloggers choice awards in the education category.

if you’d like to vote for my blog as well, click on this badge:

My site was nominated for Best Education Blog!

what an honour – thank you veganbilly!


pirates are moving west!

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rumour has is it that the pirates are moving into the bloor lansdowne neighbourhood. for my intercity and international readers, this really means nothing, but for those who live in toronto, it means knowledge transfer for a particular segment of lifestyle learning is moving westward. for those who don’t mind getting their hands drty, this means accessible bike repair.

bike pirates, formerly located on bathurst between college and dundas, is moving into an empty store on bloor w just east of lansdowne. it’s not a regular bike shop, instead their tools are available for anyone to use to fix their own bikes and staff are on hand to teach cylcists how to fix their bikes. empowering the cyclist with maintenance and repair knowledge puts them far beyond a simple self serve depot. it is a volunteer run non-profit organisation.

lifestyle learning, be it for fixing bikes, editing personal videos, baking, or home decorating, is life-long, life-wide learning.  why bring your bike to a bike shop and not learn how to take care of your own bike if there is a facility to teach you how to do it through essential project-based learning? it feels good to walk ride away with a sense of accomplishment.

did you know? 2.0

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thanks to martha at adult education matters for posting the did you know? 2.0 video.

it is a video filled with stats as a way to reinforce that our preparation today is key to lifelong learning, no matter what area of specialty within education we may have.

one of the quotes in this presentation is so incredibly important:

“we are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist… in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

more information at

and now, the video: did you know? 2.0 on

learning in retirement

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now this is true life-long learning:

the osher lifelong learning institute offers challenging learning without tests for seasoned learners over 50yrs old. an astonishing $1million endowment gift to the university of california san diego from the bernard osher foundation will support expanded outreach and continue to broaden membership and activities for learning in retirement.

“This gift demonstrates the Foundation’s appreciation for the great strides we have made in developing a wide array of intellectually stimulating, learning opportunities for older learners,” said Mary Walshok, associate vice chancellor for public programs and dean of Extension.

with the majority of baby boomers now considering retirement, i’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this sort initiative. it is a positive spin on the looming workforce shortage that we’re facing, and i’m very interested in this topic, so if any of you loyal readers know of other opportunities such as this one, i’d love to hear about it.