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upcoming industry conferences

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Energy Education, the challenge of E-learning in schools
Oct 7, 2008
Brussels, Belgium

Speaking of Kids
Oct 24, 2008
Vancouver, BC, Canada

National Conference on Student Leadership
Oct 25-28, 2008
San Diego, California, United States

2nd International Malaysian Educational Technology Convention
Nov 4-7, 2008
Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Has Education Lost Its Way?
Nov 7, 2008
London, United Kingdom

Disciplining innovation: new learning and teaching in media and cultural studies
Nov 21, 2008
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I-Learn Forum/RAC 2009
Jan 19-20, 2009
Paris, France

Interactive Mobile and Computer Aided Learning, IMCL2009
April 22-24, 2009
Amman, Amman, Jordan

LIHE 09 – 2nd International Symposium: Improving Students Learning Outcomes in Higher Education
May 31-Jun 4, 2009
Aghia Marina, Aegina Island, Greece

ICELW 2009 – The International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace
Jun 10-12, 2009
New York, NY, United States
— i’d love to have someone live blogging this event for me. please contact me if you plan to attend.

Sixteenth International Conference on Learning
July 1-4, 2009
Barcelona, Spain


canada post community literacy awards winners

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congratulations to the winners of the 2008 canada post community literacy awards.

The Canada Post Community Literacy Awards were established 15 years ago to discover and acknowledge the achievements of Canadians who have made a special effort or an important contribution to literacy.  Today, the program continues to celebrate the achievements of both adult learners and those who have helped them learn to read and write.

when nominations open up for next year, perhaps you’ll recommend someone in your area who has made  a significant contribution to literacy, either as a learner or as an educator, to be considered for this honour.

upcoming industry conferences and events

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act-c (association for learning technology) 2008
sep 9-11, 2008
leeds, uk

college teaching and learning conference
sep 29-oct 2, 2008
las vegas nv, usa

strategies for latino educational success
oct 15, 2008

using technology to communicate with prospective students
oct 23, 2008

teaching unprepared students: strategies for promoting success and retention in higher education
oct 29, 2008

5th annual trpi education conference
oct 31, 2008
long beach ca, usa

readers for life (reading association of south africa)
nov 7-9, 2008
durban kw, south africa

international conference on business and management education
nov 17-20, 2008
bangkok, thailand

student success: recruitment and retention strategies for minority students
nov 19, 2008

international congress for school effectiveness and improvement: new departures for a learning world of quality and equality
jan 4-7, 2009
vancouver bc, canada

college teaching and learning conference
jan 5-8, 2009
honolulu hi, usa

international conference on management education and practice
feb 20-22, 2009
bayombong nv, philippines

site 2009: society for information technology and teacher education international conference
mar 2-6, 2009
charleston sc, usa

2nd international problem based learning symposium 2009
jun 10-12, 2009

teaching in higher education – between the tides
jun 17-20, 2009
fredericton nb, canada

ed-media 2009: world conference on education multimedia, hypermedia & telecommunications
jun 22-26, 2009
honolulu hi, usa

canada post community literacy awards finalists

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canada post has announced the awards finalists (pdf) for the 2008 canada post community literacy awards.

the awards recognises the contribution to literacy by educators as well as the achievements of adult learners.

congratulations to all finalists and best of luck in the final winners list announcement in early sep.

learn canada 2020

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last week the council of ministers of education, canada (cmec) released the vision of learn canada 2020, a joint declaration from provincial and territorial ministers of education to address educational needs and aspirations of canadians.

Learn Canada 2020 is the framework the provincial and territorial ministers of education, through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, will use to enhance Canada’s education systems, learning opportunities, and overall education outcomes. The vision of Learn Canada 2020 is Quality Lifelong Learning Opportunities for All Canadians.

Learn Canada 2020 recognizes the direct link between a well-educated population and (1) a vibrant knowledge-based economy in the 21st Century, (2) a socially progressive, sustainable society, and (3) enhanced personal growth opportunities for all Canadians.

it encompasses the four pillars of lifelong learning (early childhood learning and development, elementary to high school systems, post-secondary education, and adult learning and skill development) and identifies specific activity areas and accompanying objectives:

  • Literacy: Raise the literacy levels of Canadians.
  • Aboriginal Education: Eliminate the gap in academic achievement and graduation rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.
  • Postsecondary Capacity: Enhance and stabilize the long-term capacity of postsecondary systems to meet the training and learning needs of all Canadians seeking higher education learning opportunities.
  • Education for Sustainable Development: Raise students’ awareness and encourage them to become actively engaged in working for a sustainable society.
  • International and National Representation: Speak effectively and consistently for education and learning in Canada in both pan-Canadian and international settings.
  • Official Languages: Promote and implement support programs for minority-language education and second-language programs that are among the most comprehensive in the world.
  • Learning Assessment Programs and Performance Indicators: Support the implementation of national and international learning assessment programs and performance indicators for education systems.
  • Education Data and Research Strategy: Create comprehensive, long-term strategies to collect, analyze, and disseminate nationally and internationally comparable data and research.

[ the full declaration ]

“We are committed, each in our own jurisdiction and collectively through CMEC, to ensuring that Canada leads the world in learning,” said Raymond Théberge, Director General of CMEC. “Learn Canada 2020 provides us with a shared vision that can be realized according to the unique needs and situation of each province and territory.”

nominations are now open for the 2008 canada post community literacy awards

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do you know someone deserving of recognition for their efforts towards literacy? nominations are now open for the 2008 canada post community literacy awards. this annual event, now in its 15th year, recognises the achievement of individuals and educators who have made special effort or an important contribution to literacy.

cpost literacy awards

up to 26 awards will be given to individuals, one for each english-speaking nominee and one for each french-speaking nominee in each province and territory. the winners receive a cash reward of $300 and a framed certificate.

and up to 26 awards will be given to educators, one for each english-speaking nominee and one for each french-speaking nominee in each province and territory. the winners receive a cash reward of $500 and a framed certificate.

nominations must be recieved by midnight fri mar 23, 2008. for more information visit or download the nomination booklet (pdf).

the crosshairs of jobs, technology, and learning 2.0

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journalist chris riedel quotes chris dede, a professor in learning technologies at harvard’s graduate school of education, from his opening remarks at the fetc 2008 conference late last month:

In a world where learners are being shaped by the things they do outside of the classroom, he said, how do we prepare students for careers that do not exist yet and that will be driven by these very same methods of learning?

these opening remarks were just the beginning of his explanation of the evolution of education brought on by web 2.0 tools, and points to, among other things, changes in learner characteristics. “It is important, he shared, for people to be fluent in new technologies and literacies because more and more jobs are disappearing that require classical knowledge.” we are at the crosshairs of where jobs, technology, and learning 2.0 intersect.

the full article is a must read for those working with education technology and continuing education.