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professional development courses

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a few weeks back posted a list of 100 free business and entrepreneurship courses from ivy league schools such as mit, columbia, and berkley. among them are:

these courses are a great place to start for general information, whether for professional development or to be well versed in various topics that may come up at the next neighbourhood mixer or an industry networking opportunity.



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i just downloaded moodle, a free and open source software package, so that i can play around with developing my own online courses.

though i know what content i want to put in it, i really have no idea what i’m doing, so this will be quite a challenge. i’ll post updates when i make important discoveries or great accomplishments.

innovation books

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yesterday i stopped at the library to pick up two books that i find fascinating.

the first is innovation killer: how what we know limits what we can imagine – and what smart companies are doing about it, by cynthia barton rabe

innovation killer

and the other is one that i’ve mentioned here before – think better: an innovator’s guide to productive thinking, by tim hurson.

my office is closed for the holidays, so i’ll be reading these in my downtime.