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learning is drastically different now

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the education system may be revamped whether we’re ready or not.


upcoming industry conferences and events

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act-c (association for learning technology) 2008
sep 9-11, 2008
leeds, uk

college teaching and learning conference
sep 29-oct 2, 2008
las vegas nv, usa

strategies for latino educational success
oct 15, 2008

using technology to communicate with prospective students
oct 23, 2008

teaching unprepared students: strategies for promoting success and retention in higher education
oct 29, 2008

5th annual trpi education conference
oct 31, 2008
long beach ca, usa

readers for life (reading association of south africa)
nov 7-9, 2008
durban kw, south africa

international conference on business and management education
nov 17-20, 2008
bangkok, thailand

student success: recruitment and retention strategies for minority students
nov 19, 2008

international congress for school effectiveness and improvement: new departures for a learning world of quality and equality
jan 4-7, 2009
vancouver bc, canada

college teaching and learning conference
jan 5-8, 2009
honolulu hi, usa

international conference on management education and practice
feb 20-22, 2009
bayombong nv, philippines

site 2009: society for information technology and teacher education international conference
mar 2-6, 2009
charleston sc, usa

2nd international problem based learning symposium 2009
jun 10-12, 2009

teaching in higher education – between the tides
jun 17-20, 2009
fredericton nb, canada

ed-media 2009: world conference on education multimedia, hypermedia & telecommunications
jun 22-26, 2009
honolulu hi, usa

pirates are moving west!

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rumour has is it that the pirates are moving into the bloor lansdowne neighbourhood. for my intercity and international readers, this really means nothing, but for those who live in toronto, it means knowledge transfer for a particular segment of lifestyle learning is moving westward. for those who don’t mind getting their hands drty, this means accessible bike repair.

bike pirates, formerly located on bathurst between college and dundas, is moving into an empty store on bloor w just east of lansdowne. it’s not a regular bike shop, instead their tools are available for anyone to use to fix their own bikes and staff are on hand to teach cylcists how to fix their bikes. empowering the cyclist with maintenance and repair knowledge puts them far beyond a simple self serve depot. it is a volunteer run non-profit organisation.

lifestyle learning, be it for fixing bikes, editing personal videos, baking, or home decorating, is life-long, life-wide learning.  why bring your bike to a bike shop and not learn how to take care of your own bike if there is a facility to teach you how to do it through essential project-based learning? it feels good to walk ride away with a sense of accomplishment.

corporate sponsored learning

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while my focus is adult learning, an article in the palm springs desert sun announced funding for a coachella valley high school for a project-based learning curriculum. the funding wasn’t from the government as would usually be the case for a public school, but rather it was from ford motor company.

the ford partnership for advanced studies contributed approximately $150,000 in cash and resources to anagle students to work on projects that are more closely related to the world of work, such as designing a new product or examining financial constraints.

The assignments “really entice their (the students’) imagination,” said Veronica Moreno-Nicholas, a Cathedral City High teacher who uses the curriculum. “They take ownership of that project.”

an additional $50,000 has been donated to create a resource hub in partnership with the coachella valley economic partnership which will include options for train the trainer sessions.

is corporate-sponsored learning valuable for students? does real and tangible data help in the execution of the curriculum? i’d be interested to see the results of the projects these students work on and what metrics are employed to evaluate their effectiveness.

project based learning and technology

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two great articles were published by edutopia today:
global nomads: at risk students connect with peers worldwide – give students something worth caring about and they’ll learn through caring. this can be true for kids or adults.
san fernando education technology team: a community’s youth express their voice through visuals – with a focus on project based learning, this stunningly fabulous initiative helps students learn by using technology to make something creative.

project based learning

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i am most comfortable with project based learning, and if i could go back in time and ensure that something changed with the way i was taught as a child, it would include a lot more project based learning and a lot less traditional mass-market teaching techniques.

wikipedia defines project based learning as:

a constructivist pedagogy that intends to bring about deep learning by allowing learners to use an inquiry based approach to engage with issues and questions that are rich, real and relevant to their lives.

there is a really great topical interview in the new issue of edutopia with renowned psychologist george lucas and author daniel goleman, and it dives right into emotional intelligence as it relates to learning:

The human connection is more vital even as kids are learning to use their computers.

Yes, and that’s also where emotional intelligence comes in, because, if you’re working in groups, you really do have to learn the process of argument, the process of presenting facts, of proving your point of view, not just sort of demanding it, or hitting someone in the face, or taking it at face value. You have to learn to let go of your beliefs when they are proved to be erroneous, and not let your pride and other factors get in the way.

thanks to lisa for pointing out the interview in edutopia magazne.