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a $1.5billion investment for skilled trades in ontario

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skilled trades and education were clearly the two winners in the ontario provincial budget announcement this week.

the skilled trades shortage is growing every day, and by 2030 ontario alone will be short nearly 360,000 skilled trades workers – these are the folks that help to build our libraries, maintain our schools, install plumbing in our condos, and lay down the cable for our internet everywhere.

the ontario government announced an investment of $1.5billion for a skills to jobs action plan, which includes $75million to increase apprenticeship programs, $355million over 3yrs for a second career strategy that will help 20,000 unemployed workers transition into new careers and well-paying jobs in growing areas of the economy, and $200million for colleges to purchase modern equipment for apprenticeship training and for maintenance and renewal of university facilities.

“we made a choice, we’ve chosen to invest in skills and training. we have chosen to invest in education.” said provincial finance minister dwight duncan.

with this announcement, the provincial government has also asked that richard florida study the changing composition of ontario’s workforce and economy.

this is all very good news for the state of education and skilled trades in ontario.


creativity is a virtually limitless resource that defies social status

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richard florida, one of the most influential people of modern day, and one of toronto’s newest citizens, writes a column for the globe and mail.

this past weekend his article was framed around a local hairstylist that gave up his job as a factory worker to do what he enjoys. it’s all about doing what you love.

The most overlooked — but most important — element of my theory and of the creative economy itself is that every human being is creative.

One of the great fallacies of modern times is the idea that creativity is limited to a small group. Most people, the belief goes, don’t want to be creative, couldn’t do it if asked and would be uncomfortable in an environment where creativity was expected of them.

This is false. Creativity is a virtually limitless resource that defies social status.

[ full inspiring article here ]